Published by Freddie Hussain on September 20, 2018

How To Become A Florist?

Do you love flowers and everything to do with flowers? Do you appreciate the nature and beauty of wedding flowers? Well, your calling might be towards working with flowers if you are very attached and love being around floral. A wedding florist start off their venture into the floral arrangements after many years of dreaming the possibility of owning a little flower shop. These professionals are very happy and their faces are full of smiles when working throughout the day. Before you become a florist there are a few things that you need to consider.

Remember that the arrangement of blooms is an art and therefore, you need to have the skill to put the blooms together. The result of your skill should look effortless as well as if it has been picked out from a garden. If you are looking forward to becoming a natural or artificial flower arrangements Melbourne professional, bear the following tips in mind as you go along.

Your skills

To ensure that your skills are up to standard you should go for a few classes and find yourself a mentor who will guide and help you along the way to develop your own designs. There are many ways of arranging blooms, which might be difficult to do as beginner. Getting the basic principles of bloom arrangements cemented is the first step. You need to bear in mind that the as flowers will perish easily, your arrangements needs to be long lasting. You can volunteer at local store to gain experience and to learn a few tricks as well.

The skills of a florist that can be developed

Although you might think that this professional does not require a lot of hard work, it does. You will need to lift a few containers, spend most of your time on your feet and probably might have fewer holidays. Keep in mind that you will need to manage your time well and have good communication skills as well. You might be working on special holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day. Your customer service skills should be polished up to standard. There are instances where you have to sympathise or even be compassionate with your clients.

The designs

You need to have your own signature design, which will bring in more customers. You will need to begin this search by playing a lot with the other basic and intermediate designs. This means that you have to pay attention to details when you are in your creative zone and understand how the blooms and greens can be used together to bring out the perfect arrangement.


You will not always want to work for another person’s local store. Set a goal so that you can open you own floral store and have short-term and long-term goals. you will need to get into a bit of marketing and networking as well.